Who We Are

We are partners for your renovation

We will make you benefit from our partnership with a multitude of sub trades such as plumbers, electricians, plasterers etc.. and from our favorable pricing with renovation retail stores, ceramics stores, washroom specialty stores etc…

Simon Binette

What We Do

our provided services include

No project is too small! If you need to upgrade any room in your house, we are your residential specialists We will refresh a room, tear down and rebuild another and even redo your new roof.


We have the solution for your type of roof, shingles or flat roof, and even for your shed. We work with top brand materials.


We specialize in bathroom remodeling from A to Z. We can offer expertise on materials to be used, relocating amenities as well as custom design of your bathroom


We will install Ikea cabinetry and will work with your kitchen cabinet maker to coordinate and align delivery in the most economical fashion possible.


Basement, flooring, windows, painting, nothing is off the table.

Best & Trusted Partner for your project

We will bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive your project

Quality Work Building & Better Partner For Your Business

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